Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh London Weather...

Just when you start to get used to always carrying an umbrella at all times (I've been through 3 now!), dressing in layers, and wearing tights with dresses or leggings a heat wave hits. Friday was pretty nice, Saturday was rainy but nice, Sunday was GORGEOUS, Monday was ridiculously hot and disgusting (commuting 2 hours on a non-air conditioned, smelly tube is not fun), and Tuesday is pouring down rain. But gotta make the most of it....
Just a beautiful sunny Sunday in Hyde Park...
 listening to the band Train live and minutes away from Prince William's flat

Our tasty poor, sick college student picnic of sandwiches, medicine, juice, and lots of water

Flatmates Barenda and Anabel

Before... Tiffany and me very white

After... finally somewhat tan!

Monday: London hit a record breaking 90 and apparently 100 at Wimbledon to delay matches. And there was no wind/breeze. This includes sweating the minute you step on the tub, not being able to tell you put deodorant on that morning, spending over ten dollars on water in one day, and cursing London for not having ceiling fans or AC. Luckily, I was smart enough to wear a tank top under my blazer. So once I got to work it wasn't so bad, sitting at a computer designing swimwear all day :) But running home to make a play at 7:30 was not so great... running in the hot underground in 4 inch heels and then changing into rainboots and running down Saint Paul's dodging tourists was probably not the best idea, but made my play at 7:24!
Being smelly, sweaty groundlings at Shakespeare's Globe for "Much Ado About Nothing"
Leonardo was played by the butler from Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Hot London days = beautiful nights
Thames and St. Paul's at night

London looks so pretty at night!

Tuesday: back to rain! Which means staying in to work on group projects and owning accounting papers

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