Monday, June 6, 2011

Scenic London Walk

First AIU Cultural Activity.
St. Paul's Cathedral  

Garden Outside St. Paul's

St. Paul's again

Front of St. Paul's

Millenium/Wibbly Wobbly Bridge

Picture for Dad...
Thames River

K-Staters on the Millenium Bridge

Millenium Bridge

Shakespeare's Globe

Street Performers

Very old pub, since before the fire of London in 1666

Clink Prison


The Golden Hinde Privateer Ship (reconstruction)

Southwark Cathedral, over 1,000 years old
London Bridge

Tower Bridge in the background

On the way to Tower Bridge

Invisible Man

Tower Bridge!

Crossing Tower Bridge

South bank
Drinking Tea! So good!

Tower of London

2,000 year old wall, built by the Romans
Outside Harrods!!! :)

Inside Harrods, I could seriously live here...

Chloe display

Clothes :)

More clothes

Fendi living room

Swarovski Crystals


Art sold in a department store

I took tons and tons of pictures here, but here are some of my favorites...

Choo Shoes!

Dior Boots! They sparkle!

Louis Vuitton

I want these sooo bad!!

Prada bag worth twice the amount of my plane ticket

Things I have decided are better in London: Tea, Cider, Subways/"The Tube", Special K Red Berries Cereal

Things I don't like in London: no air conditioning, sales people, currency (not a fun surprise when I check online banking)

Mysteries of London: Seriously, what does "Cheers" mean?!? Why is it a maze to find bathrooms in restaurants? Why does the Tube close at midnight? Why am I not rich enough to buy everything at Harrods??

Things I learned today: Bloody Tower in Tower of London was named for the heirs to the throne that Richard III put up there and mysteriously disappeared. St. Paul's survived WWII because the Nazis used it as a landmark when flying over London because they didn't have radar. Even if Google weather says its supposed to be 70 and nice, bring an umbrella and jacket. If you got to Starbucks, say your order is to go and you don't have to pay tax. Harrods has a magazine (which I bought). Fire of London was September 2, 1666. People in London like to give things nicknames, Millenium Bridge = Wibbly Wobbly Bridge, Financial Building = Crash Helmet Building, Tower of London Guard = Beefeaters, etc. At Clink Prison, they higher status you had, the better and higher up your cell was. South Bank was the Vegas of Medieval London. There are more American banks in London than in Manhattan, NY (because of time zones, easier to do financial trading here). London Bridge is not pretty, the original is in Arizona somewhere. 

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