Saturday, June 25, 2011


Apparently living in a flat with six other girls who study, work, site-see, have fun, and don't sleep makes us sick. After going to the chemist (pharmacy) and getting medicine (its not on the shelves, you tell them what is wrong and they go in the back and get it for you) my whole flat is staying in today drinking lots of orange juice and drugged ourselves up. Sadly this means not picnic-ing and Wimbledon, but it does mean catching up on my blog...

School Update: After two boring weeks in my fashion media and PR class, our awful teacher is finally gone! Our new teacher actually knows what she is talking about and is arranging for us to go to BBC, MAC's advertising and PR department, and *fingers crossed* Vogue!! We are also know working on an advertisement campaign for a product or company that we are making up. I'm finally excited for this class! And I have a B in accounting!

Work Update: Monday I got my first design assignment! I am in charge of designing the accessories for the spring 2012 collection for my company. After getting my designs approved (after changing twice) by my boss, I contacted China, sent them the designs and they are making samples of them! Once we get them back and give them the ok, my gloves will be manufactured! Wednesday I mailed things, made spec sheets for swimwear, contacted manufacturers in the UK to make the swimwear, designed bags, and worked with our blogs. My boss also talked to me about possibly heading the launch of her company in the US! Next week I will work some more on this along with designing more accessories.

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