Thursday, June 16, 2011

First Day of Work!

Off and ready for my first day as a design intern!

My little desk :) shoved in the corner next to the bookshelves and racks of clothes

Making promotional kits...

Started my first day as a fashion intern yesterday! I am working for a small company that specializes in triathlon wear. Although this is not what I want to do with my career in the future, I am still very excited about it. I really like my boss and it is just her and I working there. She runs the company and does everything. With this job, I will get tons of experience and will get to do everything from designing, buying fabrics, working with pattern makers, doing fittings, creating a company twitter, working events, working with buyers, merchandising, and so much more!

Today I made tons of promotional kits for marathons and races, created discount vouchers on Illustrator, sat in on a meeting with a potential partner, did paperwork for orders, and mailed things. Monday I get to start designing! I also got to experience London Underground at rush hour and feel like a true city girl weaving in and out of people/tourists and running around in my pumps. All in all a good day at work and really enjoying my job!

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