Saturday, June 25, 2011

Adventures with Shon in London

My friend from K-State and neighbor of 3 years visits me in London before heading on to Spain to study abroad.

Thursday: pick Shon up from Heathrow and go to Covent Garden for lunch and window shopping. Call it an early night because Shon is jet lagged.
Chicken sandwiches, chips, and cider and black

Ah! shoe sale!!

Friday: Woke up early. Went to Portobello Market. Took Shon to see St. Paul's, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, and Tower of London. Did some slight shopping. Ate at The Anchor. Drank at World's End. Danced at The Swan until the sun came up.
Shon and me hat shopping

Portobello market, apparently they don't like it if you take pictures here...

Eating at The Anchor, pub from before 1666

Yummy lunch of Bangers and Mash and Cider and Black

Little Map, took Shon to all the sights on here

Eating roasted nuts at Tower Bridge

more shopping..

Poor Shon lol

The result of living in rainy London...

At World's End, a landmark/famous pub in Camden
L to R: Kailey, Shon, Tiffany

Me, Lauren, and Kailey

View from the balcony at World's End

Saturday: Slept in. Did homework. Got lunch and took a walk around Islington.
Cute little houses along Caledonian Road (where I live)

Sunday: Participated in a fashion show. Ate lunch at Marylebone Fair. Took Shon to see Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and all the sight around it. Made pizza for dinner and took Shon to Heathrow.

Modeling for Electric Hair... yes that's a wig on my head not a hat

All the models and the fashion events class

Shon, me, and Lauren

So excited to eat lunch after the fashion show!

mmmm pork sandwich and A&W root beer (so hard to find root beer here)
We tried to eat at a pub but the bartender was a jerk and wouldn't even serve me fish and chips without my ID! It was 2 in the afternoon and children were in the bar but he wouldn't serve us food!

Lauren and me enjoying our Strawberry messes

Walking around Buckingham Palace...

more historic things for Dad...

Shon and me in front of Buckingham Palace

Up close

"I wanna see the queen! I'll just scale the gate..." lol

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