Friday, June 10, 2011

"To know London's pubs is to know London's history"

Lawyer stuff goes on here... beginning of our historic pub crawl

Shakespeare performed plays here

Cittie of York Pub
from 1440s, turned into a coffee house in 1600s and later back into a pub

Round 1: Cider and black

Bar dates back to the 1890s
This land was owned by the Knight's Templar. 
Formed in 1119 and mysteriously wiped out on Friday October 13, 1307.
Why Friday the 13th is so unlucky!

The Knight's Templar pub
Round 2: Strongbow
And finally a pub with greasy American food!!

inside The Knight's Templar
my favorite of the night
Fleet Street

The Old Bank of England pub

Plaque to Sweeney Todd
his barber shop was where this pub stands.
He would slit people's throats and chop up their bodies and bake them in pies


Round 3 Our drinks: Guiness, Cider and Black, London Pride (mine), and Cider 

New friends :)

flatmate and me drinking
Olde Cheshire Cheese pub
Founded 1667
Visited by many famous people such as Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, and Theodore Roosevelt.

Basement bar, where all the loud Americans were

Final round: Stout

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