Thursday, December 8, 2011

Last Week in London :(

I am writing this months later because I was enjoying my last week that I did not have time to write. I spent every waking minute soaking up as much of London as I could. I cherish this memories so much and miss it everyday. London will always be my home.

View of Tower Bridge from the Tower of London

Guards outside the building where the Crown Jewels are held

Prince William and Harry's things

With a Beefeater

I just love Selfridges

My favorite place in the world

Cotton Candy at South Bank with Lauren

Afternoon in Hyde Park with Lauren and Tiffany

Visiting Buckingham Palace after a day of shopping on Regent Street

Back of Buckingham Palace

Hard at work at triathlons 

Drinks in Downtown London after work

Last weekend out

Last fish and chips

Last day of work :( The cycling gloves I designed came in!
This was seriously my dream job and I had an AMAZING boss and mentor.

The last few days the riots hit. This included fearing leaving our flats-especially after dark, having cops swarm the city, watching a girl get mugged in broad daylight, and overall disrupting our lives.

We braved the streets to run to the corner store and get some necessities... 

Most delicious cookies ever!

Rioters couldn't keep us away from getting cider and black one last time

Last day in London, starting out with a Traditional English breakfast 

After packing all day I met Lauren at Harvey Nichols

Champagne at Harvey Nichols

My favorite flatmates at our favorite pub, Strawberry Moon, one last time

Forever our home.