Sunday, August 7, 2011

London Adventures

At Westminster Abbey with Lauren

William and Kate exhibit in Westminster

our little picnic outside Westminster

Home of Bespoke Tailoring

Custom made suits being made
seeing Harry Potter in the same theater, in the same seats that the stars did for the world premier

Harry Potter! Most expensive movie ever!
Hurry! Its time for ciderfest!!

Lauren, me, and Tiffany in front of one of our fav pubs, the Knight's Templar

Favorite ad in the tube, so true, guess that means I'm a Londoner!

a little taste of America...
My day off and off to the British Museum! 


something famous that was the cover of my art history text book

Being evacuated for WWII

Standard of Ur, Peace Side... I actually did learn something in art history!

Goat in thicket

remains of the Parthenon 

something else famous from Roman or Greece

Winged something that guarded palaces
Window shopping on New Bond and Old Bond Street... danger, danger!

One day I will work here.
...or be the competition :)

the one place I went shopping at! And all I could afford was lip gloss lol
We're the three best friends that anyone could have!
...ready to go out in London :)

after dancing all night we worked up an appetite... for KFC. 
And people wonder why Americans are obese lol
drinking on the tub, "its not illegal, just frowned upon"

up bright and early the next day and ready to work the London Triathlon! 
see trigirl blog to see pics of my boss and me

stolen Gatorade!

the glamorous life of an intern... taking apart the stand while my boss picks up the car
She texted me later that night saying "Hi Becca, I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you for helping me this weekend. You did a fabulous job being a great sales talent! :-) What would I have done without you. We took 1500 yesterday and 1000 today which is fantastic. I think it may actually be a Trigirl trade stand record :-) Well done!"

...have a mentioned lately how much I'm going to miss this place :(

Monday, August 1, 2011

trapt in Dublin by the Irish Sea, things could be worse...

Left work on Friday and switched a train four times, got on a ferry with a crazy old Irishman, and found my friends at our hostile with little direction. Time to squeeze in a whole city in a day with no sleep! This included visiting a fishing town, an old pagan hill where you can see all of Ireland, a castle, and some pubs. Sunday included trekking to the Guiness factory (but not touring it because we were scarred we would miss the ferry back) and then spending a wonderful evening in some fine bus stops and ferry stations. lol Cheers!
fishing village of Holt

me, Tiffany, and Lauren

feeding the seals

at Tara Hill, so scenic 

at the top of one of the mounds

oh my silly flatmates

St. Patrick, he converted the Pagans that lived here

Tara Hill

at Trim Castle


long way down...

at the top

we just can't get away from the rain!

fresh fish and chips and Irish cider

tasty desserts!
At pub #1 cider and Guiness

pub #2 Kilkenny's and cider
Bulmers is Irish Cider and the advertisements for it say which side are you on: North Cider or South Cider

Finally found a legit Irish pub complete with live Irish music! And of course more Guiness

switching to Cider

Irish music!
Hauling all our luggage to Guiness the next morning

yay finally there!

inside the Guiness factory

Guiness being made inside the vats! 

On our way home! ...or so we thought...
Oh no! Stuck at the docks :(

everyone was so envious of my comfy sweats

Finally on the ferry, so close yet so far to London
Good thing there was a bar, chocolate, and food on the ferry

Irish Sea, I hate you!