Monday, August 1, 2011

Rome! ...a month later...

Since I already skyped about my trip, here are the pictures...

Lunch in Rome :) Italian beer, crisps, and DELICIOUS pizza

In front of the Collesium

The Forum, ruins are everywhere in Rome, so cool!

My favorite building in Rome

Chianti and sparkling water with Emily and some of her classmates


front of the Pantheon, wish I could have gone inside when it was raining

Brushetta, melon, and meat

Our waiter gave us free watermelon 

Exploring late at night...
This fountain was built in front of his rival's building. Legend has it the men on the fountain are blind folded because the building was so ugly and they are holding their hands up because they are scared its going to fall

Europeans sure love the Simpsons!
...Duff beer for me, Duff beer for you...


Inside the Collesium!

view from the top

recently discovered passageways 

off to the Forum!

inside the Forum! I could have spent hours here
where Caesar's body was burned

garden of the virgins whose job it was to keep the fire lit, as long as the fire was lit, Rome would stand

The Vatican 

inside! you have to keep your shoulders covered up

my favorite part about the Vatican... the ceilings and floors
Trying to take pictures of the ceiling when some police man came yelling at me in Italian...oops, not taking pictures in the Sistine Chapel

what to do while waiting for our dinner reservation by the Spanish steps?? ...Shop!
via Condetti ...little alleys of shops :) I took tons of pictures here but will only include the Italian designers for my blog

Versace, bee-tches! 

shopping at Roberto Cavalli

this nice looking cafe, oh yeah its a McDonald's!!

"No! Why are you closed!? Let me in, let me in!"
not an Italian designer but still a funny pic

Actually got to go inside before they closed :)

house white wine at our delicious dinner courtesy of Rick Steves

Bruschetta, appetizer

Veal in Orange sauce

Ravioli, so good I forgot to take pics till halfway through!

fresh asparagus 

dessert, strawberry crepes

expresso, pronounced without the "x"
Trevi Fountain

making a wish in the Trevi fountain

no open container laws = a night of wondering around Rome seeing the sites

my favorite part about Rome: the ruins and fountains

Romulus and Rumus, the start of Rome


Breakfast before we left

on the train headed to the airport

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