Monday, July 25, 2011


Last weekend Tiffany, Barenda, Lora, Brian, and I went to Barcelona. This was a "true holiday" of doing nothing and relaxing. Literally all my independent friends Tiffany, Brian, and I did was lay on a beach, eat good food, and shop a little. Barcelona was very beautiful but surprisingly my least favorite city! Not sure if it was because I'm burnt out on traveling or that my brain is going to explode from thinking in four different languages in a month but the trip was still lots of fun and very relaxing! Side note: the Spanish were ruder than the French!
Finally at the beach!

Cold water

Lamb and potatoes

Delicious Dessert

Deciding what to do for the rest of the night on our rooftop pool...


Paella... be proud Dad!

I was the only one who ate the seafood creatures

Sunset from our hotel

Day 2 on the beach, just wanted to read and get tan

Me and Tiff

Tasty pizza before...

Pizza after... all gone!

Downtown Barcelona

Shopping in Barcelona

The only siteseeing we did, famous cathedral 

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