Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Homesick for Fireworks and Fatty American Food

Yesterday was July 4th. While I'm not usually the kind to get homesick, I was very jealous of my friends back in the states posting pictures of fireworks, parades, the lake, cookouts, and baseball games. So my family and friends, I can wait to see you in August, but ribs, I want them NOW! The majority of British do not recognize this holiday for obvious reasons, while some use it as an excuse to drink kind of like we do to Cinco de Mayo or St. Patrick's day. Still, those of us at AIU were determined to celebrate today. For some that meant wearing red, white, and blue to class, to others stocking up on as much bud light as possible and challenging foreign students to beer pong (note: the shop around the corner was out of American beer by 8:00 and our housing put a huge dent in their alcohol section), some even attempted to cookout in our courtyard and had sparklers. But for myself and four of my flatmates we decided to get dressed up, go to Bodean's BBQ (run by a man who moved to London from Kansas City), watch ESPN America, and stuff ourselves with so much food me couldn't move. Happy 4th!
Me, Lauren, and Lora very excited for our American meal

Anabel and Brittany
inside Bodean's

The waitress mentioned Texas beer, excited and thinking it was Shiner I ordered one. 
This is what I got instead lol

Delicious appetizers of crab cakes, wings, and quesadillas

BBQ!!! This is plate 1 of 3 for our table of 8. 
Possibly one of the smartest things I've ever done, I sat next to the vegetarian... more meat for me!!
We filled up three to-go boxes, they are in our fridge now :)

Rangers in London!!

Possibly the best apple cobbler I've ever had!

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