Thursday, June 16, 2011

What could be more British than the Queen, fish and chips, and tons of rain?! June 10-12

Spending a rainy morning exploring the Victoria & Albert Museum

these were huge!

creepy heads...

yes, we're adults playing in the kid's area...

floating instruments

got in trouble for taking this picture, oops!

Outside the V&A
Finally sunny!
Finally eating :)
L to R: Ashley, Kailey, me, Lauren, Anabel, Lora

mmmm fish and chips! 
and cider and black, I'm going to be so sad when I come home and can't drink it :/
AMAZING vintage store :) all the nice things were behind glass


inside Liberty

Fabric and trimmings!

What the outside of Liberty looks like minus construction
I would so buy this for mom if it wasn't 80 pounds :/

Button Wall!

Saturday, Trooping of the Colours
Road to Buckingham Palace


more guards

 TONS of guards..

Apparently Prince William was on one of these horses..

In front of Buckingham Palace, nice and early to get good seats

My flatmates :) so cold!
L to R: Brittany, Tiffany, Lauren, me, Lora, Anabel


The Queen

Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Kate, and Camilla

The Royals on the balcony

William and Kate!

with some guards on a coffee break

Our little picnic of waffles and coffee during the five minutes of sun

Brighton: the wonderful beach town with AWFUL weather the day we went...
Rainy Brighton :( 
Had to put sweats over my cute beach outfit

Royal Pavilion, very cool inside, no cameras allowed tho

Eating lunch and avoiding the rain

Giant fish and chips...straight from the ocean!

can't go to the beach... go shopping! Trying on funny hats

mmm cupcakes

Exploring the lanes, alleys of shops

Brighton Beach, so cold

View from the pier. At this point it was so windy the top of my umbrella broke off and flew away.
With only an hour left we decide to stop freezing and went to a pub till our bus came.

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