Saturday, June 4, 2011

First Couple Days

Saturday Lunch: Mint Chicken and Chips

Regent Street = Dangerous

Double Decker Buses

Burberry on Regent Street


Rowdy Futbol Fans Chanting in the Streets

8th Story of Club Penthouse, Great View of London Eye

Friday Night Dinner: Beer, Chips, and Giant Burger 
(tasted like meatloaf!)

Cool Bar in Camden Where We Ate Dinner Friday
Burberry Trench I Bought in K-State Purple! 
I think I might be done shopping for awhile...

Thursday: After being jet lagged all day, went to Covent Garden with the girls for dinner. Ate at a "Mexican" restaurant. Learned that drinks don't come with ice, left side of the escalators is for people in a hurry, and people like to stand on street corners and drink wine at night.

Friday: Walked around the corner and got ice coffee and a huge muffin. Went to Orientation and walked around Marylebone High Street where my school is. Met some more classmates, including two from K-State, and found the UK version of Orange Leaf! Bought some necessities: shampoo and conditioner from Boots and fashion magazines. Ate dinner in a cool old fashion looking bar in Camden with some of my suitemates and walked around there a bit. Came back, got ready, and went to a club Penthouse with the girls I traveled with and a bunch of other girls. Apparently British clubs like to play American music that's a couple years old. lol Learned the hard way that the tube closes at midnight and had an adventure trying to find the right bus and then having to walk like over a mile in stilettos from the bus stop to our flat.

Saturday: Woke up in the afternoon and went to lunch with Interior Designer friend Brian. Learned that there is a Marylebone Road, Marylebone Street, and Marylebone Lane High Street. After taking the wrong line, we ended up among several rowdy soccer fans. Finally we got directions from a mime and learned that we were on the wrong Marylebone. Got to where we need to be, had lunch and went to Regent Street, aka shopping heaven/credit card nightmare. Saw LaCoste, Calvin Klein, H&M, Michael Kors, Armani, Topshop, Burberry, and lots more. Bought a Burberry Trench :) Grabbed a bite at the shop by our flat and hung out with flatmates till calling it a night.

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