Saturday, June 25, 2011

Midterm week... cramming fun in with paper writing

I see this poster on the way to work every morning and it makes me laugh so hard!

Field trip to Notting Hill. Our teacher got us lost looking for the museum but at least we got a scenic walk and got to window shop...

"Monkeys can't drink orange juice, thats crazy!"

I can now live in London forever... they have my fuel for all nighters

Wicked! Possibly the best musical ever!

So excited for it to start!!

I could seriously see it at least ten more times

Abbey Road!

Walked across Abbey Road but the pictures are on my roommate's camera. Almost got hit by a bus in the process lol

graffiti wall with Beatles lyrics

Beatles shop, I got a postcard and a magnet.

Liverpool station, off to vintage shop!
Blonde moment: this is not the place the Titanic left from

study break: Thai food and beer with my roommate Anabel

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